November 2010


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Dec. 23rd, 2008

There were plenty of clothes in her closets, along with strange soft books made of shiny soft paper with pictures and articles in them. Other books too, so many books. She was very glad she could read.

Now she was flipping through the soft books, evidently called "magazines", lying on her stomach with her feet crossed behind her, looking at the pretty pictures. There was a full length mirror right across from her and she looked up, studying her face, comparing it to the women in the magazine. She touched her cheekbones and chin, looking at her own bright blue eyes and pale hair.

She went over to her closets and drawers and began to pull things out. Skirts and blouses and sweaters, bras and panties and tights and stockings...So many clothes! And then she took off what she was wearing, and shyly approached the mirror. She'd never seen herself naked all at once before. She leaned very close to the mirror, stroking her hands over her face, then took a look at herself, turning this way and that, looking over her shoulder into the mirror, at her backside.

She ran her hands over her skin and smiled. She liked the way she looked. And then she started to try things on. Everything fit perfectly, of course...perhaps better than it had before. Everything was so pretty; she loved how the bras and panties matched and the softness of cotton blended tights. She put on a skirt that was shorter than she was wont to wear and a sweater over a shirt that was very cozy and warm.

Ophelia eyed the heels rather dubiously, but she wanted to learn, she wanted to look good, and she wanted to look pretty. She slipped her feet into them and walked slowly, with a teetering gait across the room. It wasn't...too bad, but Ophelia did have a decent sense of balance. She walked carefully back and forth for a while, until her feet got tired, then she relented with a pair of flats. Eventually, she would learn to walk properly in the heels.

She did not want to be a girl out of place anymore...she wanted to be of this world, to be free. To be treated with respect and not be used as a mere pawn in a great chess game that she did not know the rules to.

From now on, no one was going to make rules for her except her.